3 Ways To Outsmart Your Fears

Have you ever taken the plunge to reach a big scary, but exciting goal then found that there’s a niggling after-feeling of fear, doubt and self-recrimination of wondering what you’ve got yourself into?   In my daily life of supporting clients to life their best lives and really step up to the plate, I see the anguish that can follow a commitment to master a new step – even though there is a HUGE desire deep down to do it.

I wanted to share something with you.  These experiences are PERFECTLY NORMAL.  How you handle it, is what matters…and here’s the thing.  Nothing sucks the life out of you more than giving up on something that really matters to you, in fact, I believe, the desire never really leaves you – you just squash the life out of it.  So, I urge you to NEVER do that, and to TRUST that whatever you’re experiencing now is happening FOR you, so that you can dig deeper and learn how to grow through it.  You’ll be way stronger for it in the end.

But how do you stay the course when the jitters hit you

You have to learn to trust and have faith in yourself, or something else, that you CAN make it through the maze.

Feed Your Faith












You can use these 3 ways to outsmart your fears and take giant leaps towards the life, career, business, relationship of your desires:

  1. Get super clear on why you want it – and remind yourself multiple times a day why your life will be better when you create the change or the outcome you desire.
  2. Know intimately what could possibly stop you, and determine what will help you through the tough times. It’s the mindset piece and your problem-solving capacity that make the difference every time.
  3. Form a buddy alliance with someone you can count on to help you through the tough times.  Even better, get a coach/mentor. Someone you KNOW will only lift you higher, inspire you and keep you on the path that you have chosen for yourself.

When YOU choose so make it happen regardless, everything changes.  Including you and your life. For the better.






Why I don’t set New Year Resolutions…and what I do instead

There’s so much talk  at this time of the year, quite naturally, about resolutions.  The start of a New Year is the obvious choice for a fresh start in many ways.  Not for me though!!

I used to follow expectations and set myself resolutions – like a new gym membership, exercise regime or something of that nature and then find that by the end of February, I’d lost my momentum and was disillusioned! Sound familiar at all?  Then next, I used to beat myself up for failing when I fell off the wagon, which then made me feel awful – which was far from motivating – and not inspiring at all.  Been there??

Now, I definitely TOTALLY support of fresh starts and self-improvement. I just know now what it takes to really change and to stay on track.  After many years of berating myself I’m definitely taking a different approach

My new practice, which started LAST January, is all about constant self commitment and self-love.  It happens every day, all year round. I’ve done a 180 turn with how I support myself on an on-going basis, after experiencing a huge emotional shift around forgiveness and inner healing.  My perspective has shifted to totally being ok where I am at, and always asking myself how I can constantly keep re-committing to myself to moving forward.

I have VERY clear goals.

I know exactly what I desire to create and experience over the next 5 years – and what the next 90 days looks like in detail.  However – if I don’t succeed first time, I will never give up.  The passion and determination to get there is so strong. 

I found my reason why.

To inspire and lead others to create and live the life they desire, to believe in themselves and know they are worth.  I have to lead by example.


Your desires and dreams are there for a reason. You’re MEANT to experience them. ALL of them. The challenge for many is letting go and allowing yourself to blossom and flourish.

My theme for this year is: Expansion

Goals include:

  • Laugh and smile more
  • Build my business to a new level
  • Inspire a larger community of women who are ready to take action on their life
  • Have at least 6 overseas trips
  • Try a new activity every month
  • Be more visible in my business
  • Spend more time with loved ones

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