You’re clearly ready for your next step, and you know you’re not meant to do this alone. 

I’m Dawn Grossart, Certified Business Coach & Confidence Builder to women creating incredible lives & businesses – and I’m totally passionate about your success. I know what it takes to have that breakthrough, and also what it feels like to achieve it. That’s why I created my own unique blend of personal and business coaching.


Whether you’re brand new or already started, you’re in the right place if you want to confidently:

  • Build your profitable business.
  • Consistently attract clients with ease.
  • Get paid what you’re worth.
  • Create marketing that works.
  • Rewrite your money story.
  • Be the woman who really does have all the time and money she dreams of.

You deserve ALL of this and more.

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I’ll let you into a secret. I know the challenges of starting a growing a business. It can be very lonely, especially if you don’t know the best next step to take to create the results you want. The good news is, you’re not meant to do it alone.

What changed my own results, was getting expert support. I wish I’d done it sooner…

Now, as a Certified Coach and Business Consultant, I share a wealth of strategies with my clients to help them create the life and business they really want.   When you have clarity on what to  focus on, and have the support and accountability  to do it, it removes the blocks, barriers and confusion. It’s YOUR time to create what you want.  I’ll help you quickly get the heart of the matter and support YOU to get where you really want to be –  Enjoying Time and Money FREEDOM in a way you love and living in a way that feels joyful! AND feeling strong, confident and knowing that you are worth it.  That’s Priceless. 

You’re in Safe Hands. Let’s talk.

About Dawn

In over 20 years of business I’ve created £multi-million projects and developed global brands – and I’ve helped solo-preneurs create and grow their businesses by six figures. In that time, I discovered that my gift and passion is to support women like you to evolve into the woman who can create the success she really desires.

I’m a Fellowship Marketer, certified coach, trainer, mentor. I’m also a loving wife and step mum to-be, a sister, a daughter, a friend and an aunt. I get that life’s busy. I know there are reasons why it’s hard, or your feel you don’t have the time and resources.

The truth is, if you want it enough, there IS a way. I work with ambitious professionals and business owners to create high-profit strategies, and a juicy personal lifestyle that aligns all of WHO really they are, so they are strong, confident and successful. My clients are ambitious women (and some brave men) committed and ready to amp it up to the next level! Bigger business and a bigger life – this is about UPLEVELLING and FOCUSSING so that you can masterfully create the business and life that excites you!


Create a STRATEGY that you’ll love to implement – that’s FUN and financially REWARDING.

Attract CLIENTS who you’ll LOVE to work with and who will pay you handsomely for what you do.

Really OWN the PRICE TAG for the work you deliver – because you ARE WORTH IT.

Get the SCHEDULE that gives you TIME to relax, enjoy the fruits of your hard work and efforts.

Create strong BOUNDARIES to protect your time and support your real values.

Ditch the overwhelm, quit trying to please everyone  and start enjoying life AND business on your terms. AND still be lovingly available to those you love.

Let’s talk. Apply for Your Discovery Session Now and let’s get you started!