3 Hour Personal/ Business Coaching Intensive

Dawn Grossart

Intensives are a focused, dedicated “containers” of time that allow you to really get clear, confident, go deep, uncover blocks and discover how to make lasting change to get the results you desire in life and business.

These sessions are POWERFUL.

We’ll explore what you’re experiencing NOW and where you want to be in the future. Your deepest desires, concerns, blocks, knowledge gaps, connections – whatever serves you best right now to move forward to feel totally confident to grow your business.

I’ll set you up with tools, techniques and strategies to set you on a path to even greater success. Combined personal and professional business support will give you a very powerful boost to start.

Discover how to shift your inner game so that your outer results soar!

We will look at the areas that you feel are most critical to support your next steps.

3 Hour Intensive Value: £497

Intensive Coaching Sessions are TOTALLY about YOU and what you need right now to take the next step in life or business. Own your power. You deserve the best. Book Your Session.

You will be asked to complete a pre-session document which I will review prior to our time, to ensure that we focus on exactly what you need to immediate action and change your results.

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