My Story


I’m a Coach, Mentor and passionate champion of women’s success.

When I was 14, I knew in my heart that I was destined to be doing this. I started studying and reading business books way back then, because I loved it. I found great delight in finding powerful solutions to business challenges. Later, when I studied my BA in Business and Marketing and my Post Grad Diploma, I LOVED the live business case studies about global businesses,  constructing the strategies to take make then grow even more. I was good at it.  This was such a powerful platform for my career and paved the way for the successes that followed.

Today, my mission is to support and empower women like you to live the life you really desire, through creating and developing a business you love, that’s deeply aligned with your passions, talents and values.   I bring a fresh pair of eyes, a safe pair of hands and many, many years of experience.  I also bring my deep compassion for the challenges that are faced in the growing pains of making your business fly. I know how much it helps to be able to be really open up and clear the blocks and barriers so that you can really make progress.

I truly believe that every woman deserves to feel great about herself, confidently enjoying her life to the fullest, free from the blocks and barriers that can get the way, with strategies and plans for success that really work. 

I am Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the UK’s leading professional industry organisation for marketing and soon to be Divine Living Certified Coach (Pending August 2015) ICF.

With a long-established successful career in marketing with global brands, what I love to do the most is support women like you and me to even greater success, feeling totally confident in themselves, working with ease, support and knowledge of how to confidently create the life and wealth they desire.

As a Divine Living Certified Life Coach (ICF Pending) I will help you create the very unique brand of living that you really desire, feeling strong, clear, empowered and confident, with a unique blend of both personal and business support that will have you excited to take your next steps! As me about this very powerful coaching.

As an FCIM, Chartered Marketer I possess one of the UK’s highest professional body awards for business and marketing. This award reflects both personal commitment to my profession and also ability to create results.

Taking the first step is the hardest. When you allow it to be easy, it flows from there. I’ll show you how.

You’re in safe hands.

My experience includes these brands and more. From solo-preneurs to global multinationals.