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Personal Mastery is Your Key to Time Freedom

“Time Management” is becoming an out-dated concept. “The 4 Hour Work Week” is still an elusive experience for many. So, are you willing to take a proper look at what’s really going on behind your stress, overwhelm and busy-ness?

I have experienced this, along with so many of my peers…the sense of never having enough time. ALWAYS having too much to do. Then. I decided. No more feeling frazzled and overwhelmed. I want more FUN!!

As a business owner or a busy professional, it can be difficult to switch off, and yet THIS is the secret weapon to your greatest, most creative valuable ideas.

Your power to create and enjoy more of what you want, is PERSONAL mastery. Knowing yourself intimately so that you can observe yourself, your habits, then make change where it’s needed. All with the intention of growing a HAPPIER you.

And when YOU are happier, your whole life changes for the better. Your business grows. Your relationships improve. You become more adept at seeing the positive and finding great solutions to problems and challenges in ALL parts of your life. Work/Business, Relationships, Health and of course your allocation of time to what you want.

As “Consciousness” rises on the planet, and more women taking the leap to become entrepreneurs it’s essential to be self-aware and great at self-managing. Managing your INNER voice so that you make good decisions, aligned with creating the life and business or career that you really want.

Conscious-awareness of your LIMITLESS power to create what you want makes for exciting possibilities.

My question is this. Are your habits and daily activities supporting you being able to optimise who you really are deep down, and are you accessing your greatest vision for your life and then taking the steps TO BECOME the woman who CAN create what she wants?

It takes courage. It takes determination and it takes unwavering trust and faith in yourself. AND it takes collaboration and support.

If you want to know what it looks like to have support to upgrade your thinking and your SELF, here’s a way to EXPLORE MORE.

Have a wonderfully happy, productive day!

Dawn x

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Five Components for a Successful 2017






                                                                                                                                                Are you seeking ingredients for a Successful 2018? I’ve found FIVE things that always keep me motivated AND creating successful results, that might help YOU too:

  1. Creating a profound mindset shift to stay positive and having deep faith and trust.
  2. Developing Mental toughness that I will never quit on my dreams and desires.
  3. Having more time OFF and spending time enjoying life more than ever.
  4. Committing to be OF SERVICE to as many people as possible in my business.
  5. Showing up as a LEADER more and more – as an example and a light to others.

Everyone’s definition of “Successful” is different.  Yours may be different to mine – but in my opinion one of the greatest measures of being successful is HAPPINESS.

Being HAPPY whilst focussing on creating results actually supports the process, as well as your health and sanity.

Are you stuck in a place or situation that doesn’t make you happy? Are you working so hard on being “successful’ that you are not enjoying your life?

As we are still in the early part of the new year, imagining all the great experiences we’d like to create – check your actions and ways of being against the 5 Ingredients above. While ‘balance’ is not always easy, one of the things I see most entrepreneurs battle with, is the time they spend working on and in their business, which means their fun and enjoyment factor is often a low priority.

What has helped me tip the balance in my own life and business from struggling to thriving has been taking each of these 5 elements and tweaking them until it was working in my life and business.  Now, I audit my activity on a regular basis, with particular emphasis on how I FEEL as much as what I DO, and the impact has been profound. I invite you to do the same and see how this helps you on your path to success this year.

Image: Rhonda E Peterson.

5 Lessons My Pup Taught Me about Business!

Business lesson from a puppy?…. Ok, it might be a little tongue in cheek, but as I’ve observed my pup navigate her way through her early days in our household, I’ve come to see how her surprisingly simple approaches work – and they have led me to re-structure some of the ways I work in my business! 

First, meet Ellie – she’s a VERY focussed, 8 month old German Short-Haired Pointer puppy. 

She demonstrates daily how life and business can be so much simpler with some clear rules that set you up for success:

  1. Be very clear about what you want, and stay committed until you get it! Ever heard the phrase “Like a dog with a bone….?” When Ellie wants something, trust me, its made VERY clear – and she doesn’t give up until she gets it. I witness daily, the power of clarity and persistence.
  2. Be resourceful and creative to help you achieve what you desire. If the first way doesn’t lead you to what you want, try something different. There’s more than one way to create the outcome you want. And when you want to go for a walk, if the cute puppy-eyes, don’t do it, then barking or acrobatics and jumping will usually get the message across.
  3. Structure and routines are best for happiness and results. I can set my clocks by the time she heads to her bed each night – and when she thinks its time for others in the house to be up and about in the morning. It’s good to know what’s happening least most of the time, with a little variety and surprise to keep things exciting!
  4. Be responsive and “efficient”. Reactions are always better when the result or outcome is delivered quickly – ideally on the first time of asking! That “come when called” practice is definitely work in progress for Ellie, but I think you’ll get the essence of what I mean…enquiries, requests…how can you delight by delivering with something better or faster than expected?
  5. Finally, Work and Play…there is a rhythm to life that demands BOTH, and it’s never been more apparent to me than raising my pup – how much she puts into her “work” of walks, sniffing, exploring, retrieving…and then, she RESTS…fully and completely before have a heap more fun!. She restores and rejuvenates herself before the next bout of activity or busyness. This is powerful. Sleep is especially essential.

So while it might seem a little “light hearted” there are some powerful messages to be learned from a pup!  She models every day how simplicity and focus create happiness and results!

Dawn Grossart is an FCIM, (Fellow of Chartered Institute of Marketing) Chartered Marketer and Certified Transformational Life Coach helping professional women and entrepreneurs create a calm, confident life and business they love.


Effective Decisions for Lifestyle Freedom

Your decisions shape your NOW and your future.

Smart decisions lead you to that much sought after place in life where you have the TIME you want to to relax, socialise, enjoy your hobbies, spend time with loved ones, to have more fun AND  your work and business is in a great shape for you to do this. 

Your ability to make good decisions that are aligned with your values and desires are key to creating the results you want – because it determines where you put your energy and focus. What you say NO to is as important as what you say YES to…

Notice if you are more inclined to make decisions from the head or the heart.

To make powerful decisions that both feel GOOD and support the way you really want to live requires you get very clear on some very important basics:

What do you really WANT in your life and business – how do you want to spending your time each week? With clients, family, friends.

How much money do you require to live the way you want to live – based on present day and future estimation. Is there a gap? How much? (It may help you to get a professional adviser to help you with this.

What is the real value of your time and expertise? Are you optimising it fully?

What are the non-negotiable experiences you want to have daily/weekly/monthly etc

What do you NOT enjoy doing that currently takes up your time? What can you change about this so that you spend less time, or stop doing what you don’t enjoy? 

Who would you love to ideally work with?  Think partnerships, collaborations, team…

Are you aware of your thought processes and beliefs about what you think is possible for you?  Do you notice limitations that you need to work through?

Getting clear on each of these areas shows you where there may be a gap to close, some new structure to implement or conversations to prioritise.

Ask yourself each day “What decision do I need to make today that’s going to take me closer to the results I want in my business and the lifestyle I want for myself, my family and the impact I want to make by helping others.

Create rules for yourself that give you structure so that you can monitor your progress.

Notice where you may be tempted to lower boundaries and let the rules slide.

ASK for support if that will help you! The most effective way to maintain your progress is with accountability.

Professional accountability is the fastest way to create change and accountability will get you where you want to go more effectively than a solo journey.  Let’s connect and explore what will help you the most. Email me at


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