5 Steps to Making “Freedom” a Reality


It’s the dream of almost every woman I speak “to have time and money freedom, so I can live how I choose”. 

There has never been such an opportunity-rich time to pursue the lifestyle of flexible living – especially to be an entrepreneur, the wealth of internet based opportunities and network marketing franchises available is increasing rapidly every single week.

So, why are there not more people actually experiencing it for themselves?  

Well, in the last few months I’ve seen many people express the desire, but then shy away from what it really takes to make it happen.  So I’ve suggested 5 steps that will help you get there: 

  1. Get very CLEAR about what you want and why you want FREEDOM in your life. This is the foundation of the process to create it. Without it it – the rest is incredibly difficult. Your “Big Why” really matters.
  2. To KNOW YOURSELF well enough to know what might stop you…finding the “edges” of your comfort zone and how you react when you are out of it. Letting go of the side of the swimming pool and swimming in the deep water when you can’t put your feet down is the equivalent feeling. Being willing to stretch like this is the fastest way to grow into new freedom results in your life.. get comfortable with feeling a little uncomfortable. “Digging deep” more than the average, is what makes the difference – because freedom like this is NOT average.
  3. Notice the THOUGHTS that are keeping you back. Of around 60,000 thoughts day, humans are pre-disposed for 2/3 of them to be negative. (Yes, really…) Creating FREEDOM is a result of learning to think constructively, positively, and optimistically. Going beyond realistic, and into the realm of “anything is possible” and “I’m going to find a way”. Creating new neural pathways in the brain is a matter of repetition and practice. Accountability and support are how many entrepreneurs are creating the shift from “job business” to freedom lifestyle.
  4. Becoming GREAT at delegating and receiving help. You can’t create freedom if you’re DOING everything. It’s just not possible.
  5. Mastering the time and money that you already have is essential if you want to have more freedom with both. If you’re not effectively managing what you have now, the how can be trusted with more?

Audit those areas and see how’re you doing, and if you want some specific guidance and steps, you can get in touch at dawn@dawngrossart.com  The most EXCITING thing is, there IS a way to create both time and money freedom… It’s about who you become in the process that is the most interesting part. The confidence and inner strength that comes with the freedom is worth its own weight in gold.

**Image Credit: Migrating Miss.