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Five Components for a Successful 2017






                                                                                                                                                Are you seeking ingredients for a Successful 2018? I’ve found FIVE things that always keep me motivated AND creating successful results, that might help YOU too:

  1. Creating a profound mindset shift to stay positive and having deep faith and trust.
  2. Developing Mental toughness that I will never quit on my dreams and desires.
  3. Having more time OFF and spending time enjoying life more than ever.
  4. Committing to be OF SERVICE to as many people as possible in my business.
  5. Showing up as a LEADER more and more – as an example and a light to others.

Everyone’s definition of “Successful” is different.  Yours may be different to mine – but in my opinion one of the greatest measures of being successful is HAPPINESS.

Being HAPPY whilst focussing on creating results actually supports the process, as well as your health and sanity.

Are you stuck in a place or situation that doesn’t make you happy? Are you working so hard on being “successful’ that you are not enjoying your life?

As we are still in the early part of the new year, imagining all the great experiences we’d like to create – check your actions and ways of being against the 5 Ingredients above. While ‘balance’ is not always easy, one of the things I see most entrepreneurs battle with, is the time they spend working on and in their business, which means their fun and enjoyment factor is often a low priority.

What has helped me tip the balance in my own life and business from struggling to thriving has been taking each of these 5 elements and tweaking them until it was working in my life and business.  Now, I audit my activity on a regular basis, with particular emphasis on how I FEEL as much as what I DO, and the impact has been profound. I invite you to do the same and see how this helps you on your path to success this year.

Image: Rhonda E Peterson.